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The summer is finally cooling down, it seems. However, that means that pretty soon, more frigid and rough weather will be ahead for your vehicle. So that means now is more important than ever to make sure your car is keeping up with its recommended maintenance schedule, whether you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Chrysler Pacifica. And when you need car service Brunswick Auto Mart is here to deliver.

Expert Service

At our Chrysler service center, we leave no stone unturned. Even if you just need an oil change, we’ll make sure that nothing else is amiss. Our certified MOPAR technicians know your vehicle in and out and are prepared to take care of any problem they might find with a winning combination of exclusive vehicle knowledge and a massive selection of official MOPAR parts. 

Contact-Free Comfort and Convenience for You

When you’re ready to bring your vehicle in, you can ensure a contact-free experience by scheduling an appointment with us either online or over the phone. The day before your appointment, you can drop your vehicle at our lot and fill in a drop envelope from the night dropbox. Put in your appointment information, contact info, and when you want to pick your vehicle up, then put your key in the dropbox.

When we’ve finished, we’ll contact you over the phone to notify you and handle the payment. Then we’ll drive it outside, doors locked, ready to be picked up (a spare key will be necessary on your part). We then sanitize any high-touch areas in or on your vehicle, so you can drive away completely confident your vehicle, and your health has been cared for.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

For anyone looking for an auto service coupon, check our website! We’re always running specials to help you save, and you can make your appointment there easy as pie. Keep your vehicle in top shape, and make sure to bring it in for the maintenance it deserves!

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