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When we talk to our customers about which 2020 RAM 1500 is best to suit their lifestyles, many of them seem to get caught up between the two differing kinds of cab styles: Crew Cab and Quad Cab. So today, we’re going to cover the main differences to help you figure out which one is right for you.

Physical Differences

The main difference between a 2020 RAM 1500 quad cab and a 2020 RAM 1500 crew cab is length. In the case of a quad cab, the cabin of the truck is shorter. Passengers can fit in the back row of a quad cab, but taller people might not be as comfortable as they would be in a crew cab.  So those who are looking for a work truck to transport small crews, or people who need a truck for their job that can hold or haul more cargo than people, then the quad cab is for you. On the other hand, a crew cab has a fuller back section of the cab to make room for up to six full-size adults, while still having an ample 5’ 7” truck bed in most configurations, with the 6’ 4” bed available at higher trim levels.

Location Differences

The most popular cab is by far the crew cab, so you’ll find it available for every single trim level available for the 2020 RAM 1500, from Limited all the way up to Tradesman. But if you’re looking for a quad cab, those start at the Rebel trim level and go up from there.

Find Your Preference Today!

What are you waiting for? Our online inventory catalog makes it easy for you to find the 2020 RAM 1500 quad cab or crew cab of your dreams and we can arrange a test drive for you easy as pie. So contact a RAM dealer today and let’s get the ball rolling!

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