How to Change a Flat Tire


At Brunswick Auto Mart, our customers’ safety is top priority. That’s why today we want to share information on something that we believe all drivers should know how to do: change a flat tire. And, as always, if you’re ever in a situation where you need automotive assistance, our OH Chrysler dealership has your back.

If you’ve ever driven with a low or flat tire, you know the feeling. Your car has that bumpy, not-quite-right feel and you need to pull over ASAP. You’ll likely want to change the tire yourself as a temporary solution. Before even exiting the vehicle to look, make sure you get to a safe spot away from oncoming traffic.

With the help of a spare tire (likely located underneath or in the trunk of your car), a jack, and a tire iron, you’re ready to put on the spare and go about your day. Step one is to loosen the wheel lugs. Then, you’ll want to jack up the car, remove the wheel lugs, and remove the flat tire (storing it in your vehicle or trunk - depending on the damage, it might be possible for a repair. If not, it will need to be properly disposed of.)

Simply install the spare in its place, fasten the wheel lugs back on, and lower the car. Tighten the wheel lugs once more to account for the change in height and weight distribution. Remember to drive slowly and carefully with your new (temporary) tire in place, as spares aren't meant to be driven on for long periods of time.

Lastly, bring your vehicle to our Brunswick Dodge service center promptly. Spare tires, or donuts as they’re sometimes referred to as, are not meant for permanent use. They have lower speed ratings and generally are not as strong and large as regular tires. 

To learn more about the process of changing a tire, get in touch with our Chrysler dealers serving Cleveland, OH soon!

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