Easter Eggs Found in the Jeep® Compass


Easter Eggs in different forms of entertainment, like movies or video games, are all the rage these days, so it makes sense that the Jeep® brand would want to get ahead of the curve. Since its official release last year, some observant Reddit users have uncovered a total of four unique Easter eggs built into the 2018 Jeep Compass, with each one calling back to the brand, and it's mission to create the best all-terrain SUVs.

Easter Egg #1: The Gecko

Found molded into a plastic panel underneath its windshield wipers, this Gecko shares quite a bit in common with Jeep SUVs, such as the abilities to grip and climb different types of surfaces.

Easter Egg #2: Loch Ness Monster

Found swimming in the rear-window detailing, this detail resembles the legendary Loch Ness Monster, although what it has to do with the Jeep brand has yet to be revealed. We at Brunswick Auto Mart in Akron prefer to liken it to the Jeep Compass ability to drive through waters that most other vehicles would avoid.

Easter Egg #3: Jeep Logo

Found under the driver side floor mat, the Jeep logo is a common find when looking closely at any Jeep SUV, such as the logos hidden in the Jeep Renegade headlights. Although not quite as inconspicuous, this logo Easter egg is truly for the Akron area Jeep lovers.

Easter Egg #4: Morse Code 

The latest Easter egg to be found is hidden in plain sight, but needs to be decoded to be understood. Reading from left to right in Morse code, Sand, Snow, River, Rocks can be found right next to the driver side floor mat logo. Each word represents a terrain element that has been conquered by Jeep SUVs of the past and will be conquered by the 2018 Jeep Compass.

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